Congratulations to Joe & Oyena!

Our boys have just touched down back on SA soil after having spent a week in NY for the HWS Round Robin Tournament.

While the only WDU team at the tournament, Joe Roussos and Oyena Gwebityala, didn’t make it into the final, they were soooo close. Tied, in fact. Our team missed making the final only by a tie-breaker! Also, Joe Roussos was ranked the 4th best speaker of the tournament! We’re very proud and we can’t wait to keep showing the international debating community the potential of Wits Debating.

The winners of the tournament were Stanford University (Alex Campbell and Anish Mitra), while the other finalists were Hart House (Goswani and Penner) and MIT (Goldstein and McKee).

Motions for 2011:

1) This house would eliminate tenure for university professors.

2) This house believes that S&M contracts are unconscionable.

3) This house would give preference to immigration applicants whose values are consistent with those of the host nation.

4) This house supports parents who secretly install spyware on their children’s electronic devices.

5) This house would not use public money on life-extending medical care for people over a certain age.

Finals: This house believes that whenever individuals have a choice between spending their money on luxuries or donating it to ameliorating suffering, morality demands donating.

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