Wits Speakers, Alex & Joe, Win Gauteng Provincials 2011!

This past weekend (16 & 17 April) 12 teams and 7 adjudicators form the WDU headed off to Provincials at Monash SA. We are very proud to say that Wits did exceptionally well, ultimately winning the title of Provincial Champions once again!

We’d like to congratulate the following teams for breaking to the quarter finals:

  • Alexander & Joe (who broke 3rd)
  • Charmika & Mvuyo (who broke 4th)
  • Jamie & Rodney (who broke 5th)
  • Tlhalefo & Maseeha (who broke 6th)
  • George & Irvin (who broke 10th)
  • Welcome & Jabulile (who broke 11th)
  • Lionel & Oyena (who broke 14th – even though they’d only participated for 2 rounds!)

The following adjudicators also broke:

  • Christine Jeronimo
  • Zikho Pali

Christine was awarded the title of Best Adjudicator of the tournament, and Zikho was the chair adjudicator in the final of the tournament. Congratulations!

Special mention should be made of Charmika & Mvuyo who made it all the way to the final and gave “more experienced” teams a run for their money!

Alexander Sloan and Joe Roussos, were after a 45 minute deliberation by the final panel, declared the winners of Provincials!

Congratulations – now to Nationals!!

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