Debate Topics: Choose Your Motion

After more than 8 weeks of having nothing more than just 15 minutes to prepare for a debate. A debate which was more often than not on a motion so obvious or so overdone or so unpredictable that all you could do was…. sigh… Well lets shake it up a bit then! For the FIRST, and possibly the ONLY time EVER at the Wits debating Union…

We give YOU the choice to Choose Your Motion!!!

Below our Adjudicators have selected Seven Motions one of which could possibly be the motion for the Debate on Thursday the 10th of May. We also have an option of adding three ‘consumer choice’ motions to the poll. So if you wish your motion to be up for nomination just drop us an email and we’ll add it. Regrettably ‘First Come First Served’

We have three major upcoming Tournaments; Mainly PAUDC, NATIONALS and WORLDS. Our debaters need to be well versed in all manner of diversity of motions, from a transient political matter like Kony to the ever popular Stem Cell Research. The purpose of this exercise is to scout what kind of individuals make up the majority of our debators. What kind of motions you like and vice versa, which you are comfortable with and otherwise. Thus this will give us an idea of how to structure future motions so we can make  YOU the better debator you are yet to become.

  1. THBT the youth’s political maturity is ill-served by their generation’s representatives in the media
  2. This House Regrets the Rise of Student Activism on Campus
  3. THW shut down the World Wrestling Entertainment for good
  4. THW prohibit all private health care
  5. This House Regrets making him President
  6. THW designate one city to permanently host the Olympics
  7. THBT The sexual history of rape victims should be admissible in court
  8. ….
  9. ….
  10. ….

To vote just pop an email to with your Top Three Favorite Motions and we’ll do the rest

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