♫ ♬ What would Brian Boitano do
If he was here right now,
He’d make a plan
And he’d follow through,
That’s what Brian Boitano’d do. ♬♫

And now, heading into the 2012 PAUDC the whole of South Africa with baited breath asks…. “What Would Chris Wood Do?” well.. we answer

♫♬♫When Chris Wood was in the Nationals in the year 2011

He won all his debates by 10 points or so,

and only came second once just to keep the tab from crashing.

(It crushed none the less) ♬♫

♬♫ In the Nationals Finals held in Limpopo

Chris Wood delivered a 12 point extension.

He even POI’ed the Prime Minister

While on his 7th point!♬♫

♬♫ And when Chris Wood went to Malasyia to face the world once more

He kicked some Monash ass or two thats what Chris Wood would DOOOOoooooo!♬♫

♬♫And when Chris WOod and his mighty partner MM

Where crowned the National Champs… The crowd whooped and hollared

And shouted out loud… then asked

Why weren’t they in the top ten speaker list!? ♬♫

♬♫And when Chris Wood Was in the GO against several worthy foes

He yawned and straw maned and knifed away but still was crowned the champ!♬♫

Jokes aside. In the year 2012 Wits Debating Union started of what is fast turning out to be one of their most glorious seasons thus far…

1st Title:

Making it to the finals of an invitational by the South Africa Institute of International Affairs, the WDU’s five man team talked circles around North West University and sent them packing

2nd Title

Called upon to host the Gauteng Provincial Championships the club went on to provide two of the finalist teams, with one of the teams claiming the title of Provincial Champions. (once more)

3rd Title

Travelling down to the Durban Open, the incredible pedigree of our debaters outshone the politics of debating and Wits walked away champions once more.

4th Title

The whole debating community watched speechless as Wits sent a 30 man delegation to the NUDC’s in Limpopo. The Club raked in several accolades including best adjudicator and of course… claimed the title of National Champions again.

5th Title

Northen Pretorian delegations sought to hold a Gauteng Open. They held it… We owned it.


UCT was blessed to host the SA qualifiers for WUPID. Well… there was one slot up for grabs, in theory. As soon as people heard that Wits had registered, they knew who the slot had gone to!


Having qualified for WUPID a team of three was sent representing South Africa and the WDU…. Despite the presence of purported industry giants Monash and Cambridge,  the WDU once again showed its mettle by outshining the World and pouncing on the title.

And now there are two other tournaments the World is watching, and they’re asking, WWWDUD? Yes indeed, What Will Wits Debating Union Do? Well, we will do what Chris Wood would do. Win. Plain. Simple.

In the words of our President… ‘The goal of this Union is not to be great. It is to go beyond greatness”

Here’s to all the other Universities coming to PAUDC and Worlds.

We welcome the Challenge. 🙂

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